Breaking up is never a walk in the park, right? It’s like trying to untangle headphone wires in the dark. It can be confusing and often messy. The way we choose to approach them can significantly impact both parties involved. Traditionally, breaking up with someone through a text message has been widely regarded as one of the worst ways to end a relationship by some. However, Best Life, a lifestyle magazine, compiled a list of exceptions. They teamed up with dating coaches, psychologists, divorce lawyers, and relationship experts to identify the only times it’s acceptable to break up with someone over text.

When can you can break up via text?

According to their experts, breaking up through text can actually make sense in some scenarios. One of those instances is when you’re in the early stages of a relationship and it’s just not clicking. Instead of dragging things out with another awkward date, their advice is not to ghost the person but to send a straightforward, respectful message communicating your feelings.

Their research highlights the scenario of being entangled in a toxic relationship. In such cases, they suggest a text message can function as a protective barrier, adding a layer of safety to the process. A face-to-face breakup can be risky for your well-being when dealing with unpredictable or abusive dynamics. “The message should be short and simple as well as incredibly clear that you do not want any further contact,” they wrote.

Long-distance relationship breakups also fall within the spectrum of situations where using text can be deemed acceptable. After all, is it realistic to expect someone to jump on a plane or take a super long road trip just to say it’s over? While it might seem like opting for the easy way out, it’s about being practical. As Best Life points out, “Sending a sincere breakup text can be a considerate way to honestly and promptly communicate your decision.”

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