Brothers Osborne’s fourth album is self-titled and will be out on Friday (9/14). TJ Osborne told us about the album cover, and the list of thank yous which they initially tried to do with Chat GBT.

Regarding the album cover, he said, “In the photo, our manager, who took the photo, wanted to have us very close, not wearing black, so it’s not about the clothes, not about the scenery, it’s just simply us. This is us; we’re Brothers Osborne, so we wanted to self-title the whole thing.”

This time, the album is dedicated to the brothers’ parents. The dedication reads: “We would like to dedicate this album to our parents, who have been our unwavering support. Despite humble beginnings, you have provided us with everything we could ever ask for. Above all, you have given us the strength to pursue our dreams and stay true to ourselves in a world that often values conformity. You have blazed the trail that we so proudly tread upon.”

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TJ explained to us, “When it came time to do the thank yous, there are so many people involved, and the list goes on and on. We just felt like this time; we wanted to highlight specifically who really has more to do with this than anything by a long shot. Instead of talking about everyone, let’s just thank the people that we think deserve the credit more than anyone, which is our parents.”

The dedication almost took another turn, as TJ shared, “Originally, John actually made a thank you letter that was written with Chat GPT, and we did it, and it was done kind of bombastically. But then we kind of felt like ten years from now, when this isn’t a thing that people are talking about as much, it would be super random out of context. What would have been funny now would certainly look like we’re egomaniacal lunatics later. So, we scratched it.”

John added, “Chat GPT is cocky as hell. It made us sound like we had such massive egos.”