Carrie Underwood enjoyed her Labor Day weekend at home with her two sons and husband Mike at her Nashville area home. Carrie posted a series of shots of her backyard and garden.

In the first photo she shared on her Insta Stories, Underwood posted a photo of her greenhouse garden in the middle of the family barn and what looks like a wooden playhouse for her sons. In the picture, you can also see what looks like some black flooring for a basketball court with a basketball on the grass close to it where her sons had left it. She wrote over the revealing images, “Backyard Vibes.”

In a second photo, Carrie posted her hand holding up a Margarita, and you can see the outline of her home in the background. She wrote, “Pairs well with THE margarita…” The third photo revealed a vegetable plate she made for the family, complete with hummus dip. She wrote, “Homegrown veggie platter for poolside yummies….”

A fourth photo was of one of the family horses in the barn, she wrote, “Ghost…” And the final photo showed some more of the barn, revealing an empty upper deck to the barn. She wrote over the picture, “Barn vibes….”

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A couple of weeks ago, Underwood was hard at work in her Nashville area garden and posted some images of her latest crops on her Insta Stories.

Carrie’s latest Insta post is a bit spicy as she took photos of peppers she’s been growing and shared with fans what she did with them. In the first image, she held two Jalapeños and wrote, “Garden Jalapeños.”

In the second image was a big bowl of what she added to the mix to make salsa. She wrote over the photo, “Added some garden corn to use it up.” Her third photo was of her hand holding an alcoholic beverage. She wrote over the image, “Got me in the mood for a spicy skinny marg!

In the final photo, she captured her final canned product with two jars of her creation, along with a book titled Beginner’s Guide To Canning. She wrote, “Fishied product… easy peasy! How’d I do?'”

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