This crane operator deserves a medal and a raise for what he has done. Saving the life of a man in a desperate, life-ending situation, atop a burning building with absolutely nowhere to go. That is why we had to make it our Cup O’ Joy story on The Andie Summers Show.

We originally found this article on the GoodNewsNetwork.

Two Killed In Crane Collapse

(Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Crane Operator Is A Hero

What an amazing feat. I mean when we think cranes, we think of a big one like the one above. They’re doing a job that no human can complete. In the case of this rescue, see the video below, that’s still kind of the case.

In Reading, England, a man at the helm of a massive crane saved the life a man waving his jacket at the top of a burning building. Now this isn’t just any burning building, the flames are HIGH and there is nowhere for this man to go at all.

Glen Edwards is the hero here who was operating a crane with a cage at the end of it. The intention of the cage is to be able to work on the side of buildings while remaining safely in place. The biggest issue however was the wind that day. It made it very difficult, as you can see by the video below, very hard to land the cage properly to allow the man to safely jump on in.

“I would say it was a very close call, if you look at the video at the way the wind was swirling around there,” Edwards told the Daily Mail.

“I tried to put the cage down between him and the flames, but I was hampered by the wind swirling around there. But I got the cage down and I managed to get him in there.”

See The Video!

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