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13 Perfectly Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If there’s something here you decide you just must have, we’ve provided links to the product websites.  When you click on the link and make a purchase, Beasley Media Group may earn a commission. We are an Amazon Associate and earn from qualifying purchases.   Father’s Day gifts are the perfect way to let Dad know how much you love him. Maybe you say it every day. Maybe it is understood but goes unsaid. Regardless, this is your day to let Dad know he is the MAN with one of these 13 perfectly personalized Father’s Day gift ideas! What Is a Father? According to Merriam-Webster, a father is a male parent, or a man who has begotten an offspring. But you and I both know that a father is so much more than that. He is your role model, your mentor. Your father is your support system, your cheerleader. He is your coach, both on the field and off.   My dad was all those things. He never missed one of my softball games or track meets or, God bless him, any play I acted in.   When I was little, my dad coached my big sisters’ Little League team. They are only 18-months apart and I’m nearly 10-years younger, so I got pulled to all the practices and games and loved watching my dad coach his team. I remember, when he died, I told my mom and sisters that the girls he coached, now women, would come to his memorial. They found it hard to believe, but they were too close to it. My Father the Coach I had the unique ability to watch my father shape these young girls into good sportsmen. The lessons he taught them about being on time, hustling on and off the field, giving it your all, and forgiving yourself when you let yourself down – because we are all human. Those are lessons that shape an athlete. Lessons that make you the woman you become.   They came. For hours they came. The line at my dad’s memorial went out the door and around the building. My mom, sisters, and I stood for hours laughing and crying with visitors who were touched by my dad’s influence in one way or another.   13 Perfectly Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas Do you have a story like that? Are you able to take a step back and see the influence your father has on you, your siblings, or even your children? Dads are magical. Show him how much he means to you this year with one or two of these perfectly personalized Father's Day gift ideas.

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