Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie have renewed their wedding vows in the same Las Vegas chapel they were married in seven years ago. Jelly posted a video montage of the moment on TikTok.

Bruno Mars’s song “Marry You” was played in the background of the video. He wrote over the of his wife Bunnie in a beautiful white wedding dress, “7 years ago we stumbled into this little chapel in Vegas blackout drunk. My only regret was never seeing her in a dress.” The clip shows the happy couple kissing and Jelly wearing a red velvet jacket and a black shirt. One shot shows friends clapping and cheering the couple on as they again say, “I do.”

Jelly captioned the post on TikTok, “We renewed our vows tonight in Vegas.”


We renewed our vows tonight in vegas

♬ Marry You - Bruno Mars

Not long ago, Jelly chatted with Taste of Country and talked about the fact that many people think of his wife as a “gold digger,” and that amuses him because he explained that when he first met her, he was the one who was homeless and living out of a van. He said in part, “If anyone was digging for gold, it was I.”

He added that she “hates” that people think she was after him for his money; it just “flames her up.”

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Jelly Roll continues his headlining “Backroad Baptism Tour,” he's been losing some weightt. His nutritionist told fans on a recent Instagram video clip that Jelly has already lost weight since the tour began.

In a video clip on his Instagram, his nutritionist tells the camera, “Another successful day for Jelly, just past the two-week mark, so far this year, he’s lost 23 pounds.” Jelly captioned the video clip collage, “Mama bear did her first meet and greet – Weight loss update and songwriting in St Louis – for the 15th sold out show in a row on the Backroad Baptism tour — show 15/44 – let’s goooooo.”

Several fans responded to his post, with one writing, “You’re doing amazing work. God has big plans for you to spread the word. Love ya.” Another said, “Congrats on this tour and on your new healthy lifestyle.” One more fan commented, “This is awesome. You are truly a beautiful person who is touching the lives & and souls of many.”

See that post here.

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