12 Of The Most Unique MLB Stadium Attractions

Major League Baseball has a deep respect for their game's rich history. Attending a ballgame can be a great experience that allows fans to marvel at baseball culture. Furthermore, most MLB parks have designed stadium attractions that make them unique amongst the 30 venues in the league. From museums to bodies of water to fan-zone fun, the MLB stadiums across the country each have something that is representative of their character. Often you will find baseball enthusiasts track how many ballparks they have been to. In addition, it is common for fans to build trips to other cities to have a new MLB park experience. MLB is the only professional sport in the country where each team has its own dedicated stadium. For example, in the NFL, the Jets and Giants share Metlife Stadium. Many NBA team share their home arena with the NHL team in their city. In professional baseball, each of the 30 teams has their own home field that is theirs alone. This enables the organization to build more character specific to the club. The interior of an MLB ballpark is all about the players. Though there is a mysterious aura about the clubhouse, given that they are underground. The common thread in modern-day construction is centered around the ballclub. The intent is to make each clubhouse comfortable, hi-tech, and private for the players and coaches. The rest of the stadium is all about the fan experience. Inside The Park Here, we will look at some of the most unique MLB stadium attractions. Each is representative of their city and team history. They provide character to the ballpark. In many cases, these features make the park a landmark in their home state. If you want to take in an MLB game in a ballpark you have not visited yet, here are some attractions to consider.