Will The NFL Move The Super Bowl to President’s Day Weekend?

Could the NFL be moving the Super Bowl to President's Day Weekend? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came out and said on The Pat McAfee Show that is very much on the table. One of the biggest gripes that fans have with the final game of the year is that it's played on a Sunday, and 99% of us have to wake up Monday morning. Fans have asked, "Why isn't the game played on Saturday night?" Apart from the fact that they would cut their viewership darn near in half, the NFL plays on Sundays. On The Pat McAfee Show on Friday Roger Goodell was asked about changing the regular season from 17 to 18 games, and adding an additional bye week. The NFL Commish brought up the idea on his own that the league could move the Super Bowl to President's Day weekend. Super Bowl to President's Day Now, not everybody has President's Day off. According to, only 19% of employers give vacation for President's Day. But moving the Super Bowl to President's Day weekend might give more employers the nudge they need to give that day off. Super Bowl LVIII was the most watched television program ever with 123.4 million viewers. That was an improvement from Super Bowl LVII, which had 115.1 million. Roger Goodell, the NFL owners, and CBS have Taylor Swift and her rabid (it's a compliment) fanbase to thank for the huge increase. Would moving the Super Bowl to President's Day weekend bring in that many more viewers? I doubt it. I have never met someone who did not watch the Super Bowl at all because they had to wake up for work the next day. I do think that if they move the Super Bowl to President's Day weekend that everyone would have that Monday off. But it would be far more socially acceptable to use that day as PTO in the beginning of the year.