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People Finding Baby Name Inspo In Cemeteries And Graduations

Naming a child often brings a mix of excitement and pressure for parents. It's like deciding the title of a book before even knowing its plot twists. Some people turn to family traditions, celebrities, or fond memories for inspiration. Surprisingly, a new trend has emerged. People are finding baby name ideas in local cemeteries. Baby Name Inspiration Coming from Local Cemeteries Haley Brooks Hodge, a soon-to-be mom of four and the creator behind @hodgehouse, recently went viral after suggesting that expectant parents go for a walk through their local cemetery for baby name inspiration. “When cemeteries hold the prettiest names, so you take the family to look for the perfect baby girl name,” Hodge captioned a video of her strolling through Oakdale Cemetery. In the video, you can see the expecting mother walking through the graveyard with her family, pointing out names on headstones like Bellamy, Cooper (the grave her sister was named after, she notes), Magdalene, Meares, Cape, Staley, Clementine, Nora, Adelaide and Lena. At the end of the video, she includes a whole list of unique standouts, from Lula to Sailor. In the comments, people shared their favorite names and embraced the concept. “Lisette is SO lovely! And L is my favorite first initial (because cursive L looks amazing on monograms and jewelry),” one user remarked. Another user shared, “My grandma did the same thing for my mom’s name - Alynda. She’s never met another and always gets compliments on how beautiful her name is.” For those who find the idea unsettling, one commenter offered a different perspective. “Nothing creepy or strange about cemeteries. History lives there, time capsules filled with memories and a past to be rediscovered. Going to find inspiration or for an excursion is beautiful, people deserve to be honored and remembered,” she said. Some people on TikTok pointed out in the comments that there are superstitions around visiting a graveyard while pregnant. So, they opted for other means of finding baby inspo. Others pointed out that the TikToker assumed Salem and Galloway are people's names. However, they are place names on the headstones. For instance, Salem, Massachusetts, and Galloway, Scotland. Those names could work as baby names. Laura Wattenberg, the creator of Namerology, told TODAY.com that cemeteries are rich with historical names and a smart place to look for inspiration. More Baby Name Inspiration Another trend has surfaced on social media regarding baby name inspiration and that’s the graduation trend. Some people have been sharing videos of themselves at graduation ceremonies, noting names they like in their phones. One person shared a video of their friend doing this trend. Some people went to the comments to share their thoughts on the trend. “It’s better than walking the cemeteries like I did [laughing emoji].” Many people were quick to praise the idea, with one person saying, “good idea honestly.” Another person chimed in, saying, “She smart asl for that [crying emoji].”

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