Zach Bryan has been arrested in Oklahoma; however, it’s unclear what he was arrested for. Gossip site TMZ is reporting that Zach was arrested on Thursday in Vinita, OK, and according to online jail records, he was booked on an obstruction of investigation charge.

Bryan’s mugshot was taken at Craig County Jail. In the photo, which TMZ has obtained, he is primarily expressionless.

On his Insta Stories, Zach posted a photo today (9/7) of a dog in the passenger seat of his car. He wrote over the image, “On the road again, gonna see the birds win.” Bryan is a well-known Philadelphia Eagles fan, and the NFL team plays its season-opening game Sunday (9/10) against the New England Patriots in Massachusetts.

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Zach recently released a new album, and according to his social media, he has “no grand explanation” for the 17 songs on the project. In a lengthy post on Instagram on August 25, he said, “I don’t have a bulls— rollout plan to stuff it in front of as many people as I can.” He added in the frank post that he would be “grateful” to anyone who listened to it.

The album, Zach Bryan, is currently number one on the Billboard Album charts. His song with Kacey Musgraves from the album, “I Remember Everything,” is currently the number one single on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart.

The self-described “kid from Oklahoma” thanked people who have “kept the course” with him in the last few years. After saying that the music business has both good and bad, he said that the new album is “All Me” at twenty-seven years old. He closed by telling fans he is at a “loss for words” at what a “blessing this life is.”

Many of his fans responded to his post, including one who wrote, “Amazing album.” Another fan commented, “The man of the hour is too sweet to be sour.” One more of his 2.5 million Instagram followers said, “Such a humble man. True idol for me and all the young men and women out there.”

Zach Bryan: There's Something To This Guy