When Cody Johnson came backstage to chat with us at June’s CMA Fest in Nashville, he talked about having a dream of riding and roping an Australian Rodeo when he was there in August. According to Cody’s Instagram, he made that dream a reality.

Johnson was asked backstage in June by a couple of local Australian reporters for the event about his then-future trip to play with Luke Combs in Australia. He said, “Yeah, I wanna go team rope. Anybody that you know that has horses and is gonna be roping somewhere, I’d like to go enter a rodeo or enter a team roping while I’m there.”

He continued, “I used to be a big Troy Dunn fan growing up, so I know that bull-riding is pretty big in Australia. I’m not sure how much team roping or any of that is a part of it, but everybody thinks about New Zealand because they want to go red-stage hunting.”

In 2005, Dunn became the only Australian ever to win the PBR World Champions and was a two-time PBR World Finals event winner.

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Cody wasn’t up for the hunting; he just wanted to mount a horse. He noted, “Man, I wanna go get on a horse at some point. I highly doubt that I will be able to, but if anybody’s watching or if you have any connections, you send them all my way. If I won a buckle in Australia, I’d probably never take it off, just throwing that out there.”

Johnson posted to his Instagram that his Australian dream came true as he did, in fact, rope at an Australian rodeo along with country music singer Wade Foster. He posted a video clip of Wade’s invite to him and the two cowboys roping a steer in the rodeo. Cody captioned the post, “Y’all on TikTok made this happen! Roping video – @kjewelz.” Johnson wrote over the video clip, “Australia, Ya’ll surpassed my expectations!”

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