Blake Shelton is currently touring on his “Back To The Honky Tonk Tour” and is not in California, where the big storms are with his wife Gwen Stefani and her boys, and he’s concerned. He told ET Online, “It’s terrible. Right now, they’re having bad storms back in California, and I hate not being there. Not that anything bad is happening, but I know they’re kind of freaked out, and it’d be nice to be home.”

Shelton says his 2023 tour is only a month and a half because he simply wants to stay home with Gwen. He offered, “I don’t do a lot of these. I think we’re doing 18 of these shows this year. I try to limit it as much as I can because the whole reason I’m even stepping away from The Voice is so I can just be there more, and that’s what I’m gonna do.” Blake announced his retirement from the show after 23 seasons of being a coach. This season is his last.

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As for his tour, he feels this time around, he is going back to the basics, “It really is like what I started out doing — you know, we played the bars, and in some of them old honky tonks and stuff that I played back in the day, the bar would kinda be there on the side, and people would come, turn around and [listen.] So it’s fun to kinda relive that a little bit.” Shelton is doing some of his classic songs from 20 years ago. He explained, “That’s my favorite part of the show, and I think it’s honestly I think it’s the crowd’s favorite part of the show. I’ve been one of those guys who has been stubborn with my setlist and changing anything, and finally, I changed up my setlist and the entire show, and it’s been fun now that I’m used to it.”

Blake does have many reminders of home on the road, like a custom-made, rhinestoned denim jacket that reads “Mr. Stefani,” which he was gifted at one tour stop by a fan. He said, “I get a lot of gifts out on the road. Normally when we play a venue, especially if it’s a basketball arena or hockey, they’ll give us one of their jerseys of the team. That night I walked in, and I had this jean jacket with ‘Mr. Stefani’ written on it. I sent a picture of it to Gwen, and she said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t leave that there. You got to bring it home; I want that!'”