Garth Brooks chatted with fans on his weekly Studio G last night (1/9). He said, “I’ll tell you right now, this will be the busiest year of our career.” It’s a big statement coming from a guy who’s filled many years of his life on the road and in the studio. He added, “There are going to be so many things happening this year.”

We already know this year will find him embarking on his first-of-its-kind Las Vegas residency, “Garth Brooks/Plus ONE.” Later in the year, he and Trisha Yearwood are committed to a Habitat for Humanity building project on behalf of former President and First Lady Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. But what else does he have on tap? He does have his new downtown Nashville entertainment venue, Friends in Low Places. Brooks laughs, “This year, we get to open up, I hope.”

Garth is also expecting to return to the recording studio this year. He offered, “The studio is going to be wide open this year. We’re going to go in and just do a lot of things that probably never will see the light of day. But, to be honest with you, those are my favorite sessions.” He added, “This’ll probably be one of the heaviest years we’ve ever had ’cause everything’s just coming around to an end or a beginning, which is cool.”

Brooks announced his Las Vegas Residency in November. He announced it on Good Morning America, where he said he would take the stage with different band members and even some special guests throughout the upcoming residency. Garth said, “We’re calling it the ‘Plus ONE’ because we’re going to try something we’ve never tried before. The band is coming, but it’s a one-man show. They’re going to sit in the audience, so any time you want a fiddle just to come up and join you, any time you just want percussion and background to come up and sing, or it’s just you — or just bring the whole band up to do ‘Friends in Low Places’ — this should be stupid.”